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Your presentation was much appreciated by all the participants. It set the tone and theme of the event very well and blended in with the sequence of the programme effectively. Ms Naheed asked me to thank you for your contribution. I also had an opportunity to speak to a few teachers who were impressed by your Urdu speaking skills πŸ˜Š. They now look forward to having a F2F session with you in future and consider you as a part of this annual event.

Hira Sajjad – CAIE Manager Sindh and Balochistan on behalf of Naheed Zehra, Regional Coordinator O/A Levels, City School, Pakistan (South), October 2021

Your keynote was really powerful today. It really set the tone which what followed in the rest of the day. We had some reflection discussions in the theatre at the half way point and then at the end of your keynote. The fact you managed to incorporate well-being into the second part was excellent.

Richard Driscoll – Head of Faculty – Humanities, SCIE, May 2021

I truly believe that supporting quality education internationally is one of the most meaningful, yet practical, things to devote one’s life to. Your team is having a real impact on people all around the world and that work is certainly needed now as much as ever. Thank you for the invitation to join your inspiring conference!

Russell Hazard – Director of Teaching, Learning & Innovation, Aidi School, China, March 2022