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Other published work

Here is a selection of other work that I have written or contributed to.

Published articles

  • Ellis, P. (2023). Reflecting on the naughty step. Education Choices Magazine, Winter 2023, p34.
  • Ellis, P. (2023). Removing barriers. Cambridge Outlook, 43, pp4-5.
  • Ellis, P. (2022). Reflexionar sobre el proprio pensamiento. Revista Colegio, p17.
  • Ellis, P. (2020). How to make youngsters bloom. The Times of India.
  • Ellis, P. & Rees-Bidder, H. (2019). Top tips for listening and speaking. Cambridge Outlook, 32, p13.
  • Ellis, P. (2019). Language awareness. Cambridge Outlook, 32, pp6-7.
  • Ellis, P. (2019). Protecting our children. Cambridge Outlook, 31, p21.
  • Ellis, P. (2018). Learning to thrive. Cambridge Outlook, 29, pp12-14.
  • Ellis, P. (2018). Valuing, promoting and protecting mental health in schools. Cambridge Outlook, 28, pp.8-10



Online resources

  • Series creator and writer for a six-module online course “Understanding Assessment: A practical guide for teachers”, working with colleagues in the Cambridge Assessment Network.
  • Series content editor for “Education Briefs” (Active learning, Assessment for learning, Behaviour for learning, Bilingual education, Inclusive Education, Learner Wellbeing, Metacognition, Tracy, Promoting and Positive School Climate, School Evaluation, Teacher Professional Development) for Cambridge Assessment International Education.
  • Series content editor of “Getting Started With” resources (Active learning, Assessment for learning, Evaluating Impact, Key Concepts, Language Awareness, Mentoring, Metacognition, Online Teaching & Learning, Peer Observation, Reflective Practice) for Cambridge Assessment International Education.
  • Author of three courses (in production) for The Classroom Partnership (UK) on:
    • Learner wellbeing
    • Mentoring and coaching in schools
    • Becoming a teacher-trainer.