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What is a workshop?

In education, a workshop is normally a training or professional development session for a group of adults focusing on a specific area of interest. If a workshop is taking place online, it may last a few hours or a whole day; if it is in person, it may last one day or much longer. A workshop is normally transformative, helping participants move from a relatively low level of knowledge or skill to a much higher one by the end of the workshop. A workshop is often one part of a series of sessions within a programme of professional development.

Why should you engage a workshop leader?

A good workshop leader will normally be an expert on a topic. They will engage directly with their audience to understand their needs and prior learning and work closely with them through various techniques to improve their knowledge and skills. They will use a range of activities to consolidate learning, support workshop participants in their understanding, and end their workshop with a large number of suggestions for what to do next to build on what has been learnt in the workshop.

How can I help you?

I have led many workshops all over the world on a variety of educational topics to a wide range of audiences. I have co-authored books on being an in-person and online workshop leader. I have trained workshop leaders for the International Baccalaureate organisation and for Cambridge Assessment International Education. I have commissioned workshop material writers and regularly worked with workshop leaders at training events and in conferences.

Workshops recently facilitated

  • Ellis, P. (Orlando, FL, USA; June 2023) Neurodiversity and education: Making teaching, learning and assessment more inclusive.
  • Ellis, P. (Online for Anglia Ruskin University; February 2022) Exploring 3 ‘A’s for the future of assessment: appropriacy, authenticity, accessibility.
  • Child S. & Ellis, P. (Online for Bath University; December 2021) Reflecting on your professional knowledge in assessment.
  • Ellis, P. (Online as one module in ‘Understanding Assessment: A practical course for teachers’; May 2021) Assessment barriers and challenges.
  • Ellis, P. (Online for teachers in East Asia; December 2020) Top 10 Training Tips.
  • Ellis, P. (Online; December 2020) Assessment for learning in languages and humanities.
  • Ellis, P. & Rees-Bidder, H. (Cambridge, UK; September 2019) Oracy and listening skills.
  • Ellis, P. (Singapore; January 2018) Cambridge Standards for Self-Evaluation: Opening Pathways for School Change.
  • Ellis, P. (Dubai, United Arab Emirates; December 2017) Practical approaches to differentiation.

If you would like to learn more about leading workshops or training others to lead workshops and how I could help you, please contact me.