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Ghost writing

What is ghost writing?

Ghost writers are employed by clients to help them put into words something that they want to communicate to a wider audience. The client takes the credit for the work but the ‘ghost’ writes the text, either because the client does not have enough time to do so or because they feel unable to put into written form what they would like to say. Many autobiographies by famous people or other descriptions of their activities have been written by ghost writers.

Why should you engage a ghost writer?

You may have an interesting life story, want to share something important you have done or discovered, or simply want someone to help you describe what you or your organisation does. A ghost writer will help you formulate what you would like to communicate, ask you questions and listen carefully to your responses, then produce a text that they will share with you for correction and comment. The final text should read as though you have written it yourself – but nobody may ever know that you haven’t!

How can I help you?

I have authored or edited more than a dozen educational books for Cambridge University Press and for Sage/Corwin. I have also worked with theorists and practitioners in the communication of their ideas in formats ranging from blogs to newspaper articles to keynote speeches. I have studied both journalism and creative writing and won praise for my writing style and the clarity of my prose.

Books I have edited

Please see as well the sections on this website about the books I have co-authored.

If you would like to learn more about ghost writing and how I could help you, please contact me.

Depending on your location and the scope of the work, I can work with you in person and/or online.