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What is a keynote?

A keynote is a presentation normally given at a conference in front of a large group of people. It may be in person or online, and it usually involves multimedia in the form of supporting slides, images or other documents. A good keynote communicates clearly to an audience something that they want to know more about. A keynote speaker is normally an expert in their field but needs to be able to talk about what they know at an appropriate level. Good keynote speakers carefully design their supporting materials so that they are visually appealing and do not obstruct the main messages in the presentation.

Why should you engage a keynote speaker?

If you are organising a conference, you will normally need to engage at least one keynote speaker. This person will help you set the theme and tone of your conference, and they may be someone that the audience is attracted to and would pay to see or hear speak. A good keynote speaker will work closely with their client to ensure they are communicating suitable ideas to the audience in an appropriate way.

How can I help you?

I have delivered more than a dozen keynote speeches to schools, organisations and associations worldwide. Since 2011 I have directed on behalf of Cambridge International more than 20 large-scale conferences for schools, working in person and online with a wide range of speakers, some of whom are very famous in the field of education. I know how important it is for a client and keynote speaker to communicate well with each other both before, during and after a presentation. I also know that it is essential to understand your audience and to deliver a presentation that is appealing both in words and visually.

Keynotes recently presented

  • Ellis, P. (Online for City School, Pakistan and for Shanghai Education Group, China; October 2022) Neurodiversity and Education: Making teaching, learning and assessment inclusive.
  • Ellis, P. (Online for Sancta Maria School, Hyderabad, India, June 2022) Without barrier or bias: How to improve inclusion in teaching and learning.
  • Ellis, P. (Madrid, Spain; March 2022) Supporting wellbeing in school: Enabling young people to fulfil their potential.
  • Ellis, P. (Online for the British Schools of the Middle East; January 2022) The importance of understanding assessment in leading schools.
  • Ellis, P. (Online for Sekolah Cita Buana, Jakarta; October 2021) Helping students to help themselves.
  • Ellis, P. (Online for City School, Pakistan; October 2021) Investing in ourselves to invest in others.
  • Ellis, P. (Online for Shenzen College of International Education; May 2021) Helping students to help themselves.
  • Ellis, P. (Online for The Anglo-Mexican Foundation; May 2021) Helping students to help themselves.
  • Ellis, P. (Online for SAI, India; April 2021) Giving students ‘oomph’.
  • Ellis, P. (Online for EMKAN, Saudi Arabia; February 2021) Helping students to help themselves.
  • Ellis, P. (Online for City School, Pakistan; October 2020) Encouraging independent learning skills in students.
  • Ellis, P. (Waterloo, Belgium; October 2018) Musica Mundi School inauguration and commencement address.
  • Ellis, P. (Jakarta, Indonesia; August 2018) Getting ready for the world.
  • Ellis, P. (Istanbul, Turkey; May 2018) Creating the conditions for success.

If you would like to learn more about keynote speaking and how I could help you, please contact me. Depending on your location and the scope of the work, I can work with you in person and/or online.